Diesel engine’s come with their own set of unique issues and just like how you wouldn’t take a ferrari to a general repair shop you want to make sure that you are getting an expert to service your diesel engine. We have the knowledge and know-how to quickly diagnose the issue(s) you are experiencing and make sure that your diesel engine will have a long and happy life.

Every time you bring your vehicle to us, even if it’s something as simple as an oil change we will perform a thorough inspection of your car or truck and provide you with a prioritized list of services or repairs that we recommend for your vehicle. Preventive maintenance for your diesel engine is one of the most cost effective ways to ensure that you avoid roadside breakdowns or getting stranded in a mall parking lot.

But if you are ever in a situation that requires a Tow Truck, do not hesitate to call us. We can help you with that too and get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Here at Anytime Road Service & Repair we understand how much you depend on your vehicle day-to-day and that’s why we can help come up with a maintenance schedule that works for you and your wallet.

Our diesel experts pride themselves on their efficiency as well as the quality of their work and you won’t be disappointed with the level of service you receive at Anytime Road Service & Repair. We are also proud to be an ATI Shop which means we attend over 200 hours of business and customer service classes to provide you with the best diesel repair experience possible. So if you need specific service or you just notice that your diesel engine is not performing like it used to, give us a call, drive on in, or schedule an appointment online for a day and time that works for you!

When it comes to diesel repairs or service let us be your diesel experts!

Located at: 1265 N 300 W St Beaver, UT 84713